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2 Day Retreat "Visions: Clarity, Insight and Hope"

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"Imagine Love Instead" is an approach to reframing the past in a way that empowers your present.  By recalling stories and pivotal memories from your childhood, moving into a broader perspective, then revising and reinforcing a new script, you can change your physiology at a foundational level.  

On this website, you'll find information about Josette Bergeron, the founder of Imagine Love Instead, LLC.  You'll find coaching packages and educational packages available for purchase, as well as listings for events and opportunities to meet and work with Josette.  

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How I Can Help You Succeed

Loving Presence


Focusing always through the principles of unconditional love, my objective is to inspire you to recognize your gifts, to give you tools and perspective to clarify your blocks to happiness, and to support your journey with deep listening and wise teaching. With extensive experience supporting others through spiritual counseling, and a strong history of client success, my loving approach will allow you to transform your life into the  brilliant joyful dream it can be!

Practical Tools & Guidance


As a professionally trained and experienced Life Coach, I have tools and techniques to help you discover what motivates and challenges you. With both playfulness and gravity, we can reveal together some of the hidden hopes and fears yearning to be expressed in your life today.  Learn about your own blueprint.  Discover the secrets your subconscious is trying to tell you.  Practice new habits that support your spiritual journey and honor the best of your past.

Choice & Freedom


My personal mission is to enable you to experience true freedom in your choices, to feel deep and lasting esteem in yourself and your path, and to know your precious value exactly as you are, lacking nothing.  I teach you to nurture all parts of your psyche and inspire you to develop sustainable habits from a new empowered perspective.  What could life be without the limits you are experiencing right now?  Let's find out!

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Josette Bergeron, Certified Integrative Life Coach

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Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States