More About Josette

Standing on the Wall of China, symbolic of my long journey.

My Winding Road Adventure

Born in Guam and raised in the shadow of NASA Space Center in the suburbs of Houston, I had an encouraging public school education.  I was class clown and teacher's pet, but felt alienated from my classmates.   I started college early at 15 years old, and found mentors who challenged and inspired me to walk my own path, often against tradition.  I have lived  and traveled all over the country.  I enjoy painting, creating mixed-media art, and playing punk and heavy metal on my cello.  I love riding motorcycles and trying new dive restaurants with my partner.  I am direct, assertive, and honest.  My passion is listening between the lines when someone is showing me their heart, and reflecting boldly what I see yearning to be expressed.


My Vision for You

Living with passion and joy, doing what you love, knowing your value and worth, connected to others in supportive relationships, believing in yourself, faith in your own inner resources, sharing your talents generously with the world, proudly realizing your best life possible!


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